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Search CEO, Amit Lamba, Has Been Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Medical Technology and Practice Patterns Institute

Bethesda, MD – May 6th, 2024 – The Medical Technology and Practice Patterns Institute (MTPPI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Amit Lamba, CEO of, to its Board of Directors. Mr. Lamba is a dedicated entrepreneur who has pioneered the development of numerous innovations that improve patient outcomes and healthcare systems. With, Mr. Lamba is bringing advancements in machine learning, voice analysis and artificial intelligence to mental health providers and their patients.

Mr. Lamba has worked in the healthcare and technology industries for over twenty years and has used this experience to build a company dedicated to empowering mental health clinicians with the AI-driven tools needed to meaningfully improve outcomes. “MTPPI is grateful that Mr. Lamba has agreed to serve on its Board of Directors. As our clients and stakeholders increasingly seek to implement advanced artificial intelligence platforms into their care delivery models, we turn to domain experts like Amit to advise us on proven research and dissemination strategies,” said President of MTPPI Dennis Cotter.

Prior to founding, Mr. Lamba led the Global Operational Excellence Center at Marsh McLennan. He was responsible for building data analytic platforms that were implemented by Fortune 50 healthcare companies to drive revenues and new product introductions. Prior to his tenure at Marsh McLennan, Mr. Lamba held technology leadership positions at CCC Intelligent Solutions and Capgemini US.

In addition to advising MTPPI, Mr. Lamba supports the community by serving as a co-chair of Net Impact, an organization dedicated to driving positive change through emerging leadership.

Mr. Lamba received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. His undergraduate training was completed at the University of Texas – Austin where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

About MTPPI: The Medical Technology and Practice Patterns Institute (MTPPI) was initiated at the Institute for Health Policy Analysis at the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC. In July 1986, MTPPI was established as an independent nonprofit entity separate from Georgetown to allow for broad collaboration with the healthcare industry and stakeholders. The mission of the Institute is to conduct research on the clinical and economic implications of innovative healthcare technologies. MTPPI’s research is directed toward the formulation and implementation of local and national healthcare policies. To learn more about MTPPI, please visit

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