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The Medical Technology and Practice Patterns Institute (MTPPI) is an independent 501(c)(3) research institute. Our mission is to help healthcare organizations unlock value from their data. MTPPI’s research helps improve patient outcomes at both the population level and the n of 1.

  • Causal Modeling – We help healthcare organizations establish in-house Predictive Analytics and Causal Inference Centers of Excellence
  • Outcomes Research Design – We help healthcare innovators design Comparative Effectiveness studies for cutting-edge treatments and interventions

  • Population Health Management – Using big data, our researchers create healthcare treatment strategies that inform policy at every level of healthcare delivery – from individual clinicians to CMS.

MTPPI has served the United States healthcare system for over 30 years. Our staff of statisticians, epidemiologists, data scientists, and engineers can help your healthcare organization gain the insight needed to better serve your patients. Email [email protected] to schedule a data “check-up” today.


Causal Inference Methods

MTPPI helps healthcare organizations establish their own Causal Inference Center of Excellence (COEs). Causal Inference (CI) methods are critical tools for assessing the effectiveness of healthcare treatment strategies and interventions. CI methods allow healthcare workers to solve real-world problems using existing observational data. Paired with predictive algorithms, CI methods give healthcare practitioners insights not available through traditional analytics. MTPPI hosts a national conference on CI methods known as the CIMPOD Conference. To view the proceedings from CIMPOD 2017 click below.


Outcomes Research

The U.S. Healthcare system is rapidly evolving from a fee-for-service payment model to one that is centered around value-based care. Healthcare innovators must demonstrate that their interventions increase value for both payers and providers while leading to improved patient outcomes. MTPPI works with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and digital health start-ups to design Comparative Effectiveness demonstration studies. We will work with your team every step of the way – from research question formulation through peer-reviewed publication – to ensure your research is conducted in a scientifically rigorous manner.


Patient Engagement

MTPPI researchers and programmers take the insights gained from big data analysis and use them to create innovative patient engagement tools. Whether it is developing mobile applications for use at the point of care or producing in-person patient forums, MTPPI can help build your patient engagement strategy. MTPPI is recognized as one of the leading institutes in the area of Patient-Centered research and promotes efforts to build lasting collaboration environments where patients, clinicians, researchers, industry and other stakeholders come together to drive positive change within the U.S. healthcare system.


Population Health Management

MTPPI’s researchers help healthcare organizations identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high-quality care that improves patient outcomes. Strong Population Health Management (PHM) strategies are vital for providers to successfully serve their patient populations. MTPPI can help you set up in-house predictive analytics functions that leverage your existing EHR and claims data warehouses. Together we can help build a full suite of risk stratification dashboards and patient engagement conduits, giving your front line clinical workers the best chance for success.



MTPPI collaborates with over 70 of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations.



MTPPI conducts studies with 15 of the top 50 NIH-funded research universities.



MTPPI has analyzed data sets representing over 10 million patient lives.


“Causal modeling is a powerful tool that can be used by healthcare practitioners to answer their most challenging healthcare questions.”

MTPPI Collaborators

MTPPI’s staff works closely with a diverse network of healthcare organizations. These 70+ entities represent experienced academic researchers, clinical leaders, policy analysts and governmental advisers, located across the United States. Our collaborators help the Institute identify important research questions which advance medicine and improve patient outcomes.  MTPPI is continuously identifying new researchers, centers, and organizations to work with. Please click here to learn more.

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