Healthcare Data Analytics in the Cloud

MTPPI’s mission is to take large, observational data and turn it into healthcare insights that improve patient outcomes. Our collaborator profiles include:

  • Clinicians using EHR data to improve treatment protocols for their patient populations
  • Hospital Systems eradicating low-value interventions from their healthcare delivery
  • Pharmaceutical companies using Real World Data to capture the benefit and risk to patients after a product has received FDA approval
  • Healthcare payers identifying the most efficient providers of healthcare services

MTPPI’s tools and solutions are a low-cost analytics option. We don’t sell “products”, we enable your team to stand up an in-house Causal Inference Center of Excellence:

  • Zero-footprint environment that lives in AWS
  • Vendor Neutral and Scalable – We can work with your Data Warehouse
  • Powerful Clinical Decision Support Tools
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