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Population Health

MTPPI helps healthcare organizations enter the post-COVID environment by making improvements at the population level. We have taken lessons learned from the pandemic to create frameworks that enable health systems to engage with local communities to build resilience into care delivery systems. We can help your system build a "mission control" dashboard that sits on top of live data feeds and provides real-time insights into patient placement trends, ICT rounds, and discharge protocol compliance. 


telehealth delivery strategy

Telehealth utilization surged during the COVID-19 pandemic as patients and clinicians used the technology to safely access and deliver healthcare. With 40% of patients saying they will use telehealth going forward (up from 11% prior to COVID-19) the demand side of the equation is robust – at least in the short-term. MTPPI can help providers implement flexible telehealth infrastructure and patient engagement strategies that retain and expand telehealth modality adoption within you patient population. 


gis overlays

MTPPI can help you turn your data warehouse into a proactive tool that help you target patients for services, especially those most at risk for disease burden. By using GIS overlays, MTPPI can help clinical systems understand how their patients interact with their providers and the system's infrastructure. This insight can help you design mobile health and transport strategies, plan locations for new urgent care and clinic locations, and implement educational initiatives into geographies where they will have the most impact.     


proactive prevention

MTPPI can help you identify opportunities for preventative medicine within your patient population. In one of our recent case studies we built a Kidney Disease Education platform for nephrology practices. Nephrologists can access on-demand content libraries and patient engagement kits to conduct preventative education sessions both in-person and through our telehealth platform.    

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