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Patient Engagement

Active patient engagement provides a pathway
toward quality healthcare, efficient services delivery, and improved outcomes. MTPPI can help you implement practices and systems that build partnerships where patients are active members of their care team. MTPPI can help you stratify your patient population and build profiles that incorporate individual factors that influence motivation, willingness to engage, knowledge retention, pre-existing biases and beliefs, prior experiences with the healthcare system, self-efficacy and functional capacity. 


conferences and work groups

MTPPI has organized and produced numerous patient conferences and national symposiums aimed at elevating and amplifying the Patient Voice in research. A recent case study is the Patient Research Agenda for Improved Kidney Outcomes, where MTPPI hosted over 150 dialysis patients in Bethesda, MD. Patients worked with kidney disease stakeholders such as pharmaceutical scientists, clinicians, and policy makers in intimate working groups with the goal of shaping the future research agenda for kidney disease. Patients identified the outcomes important to them and the blind spots neglected by current research and policy efforts.  


point-of-care tools

MTPPI builds point-of-care (POC) tools for clinical practice that increase patient engagement and shared decision making. A recent case study of this solution is MTPPI's development of the DECIO CDS platform. This POC mobile app gives kidney disease clinicians access to powerful predictive algorithms that were derived from a national patient cohort that included over 50,000 patients with kidney disease.  Through the application, clinicians have access to two different risk scores that can be used to illustrate the trade offs of initiating dialysis treatments for their ESRD patients.        


digital infrastructure

Virtual care has emerged as a transformative and  patient-centered care care delivery model. MTPPI can help you install and scale the technology infrastructure needed to integrate virtual care into you clinical practice and enable your patients to engage with this innovative treatment modalities. Our Engager connectivity kits for example ensure that all your patients have the necessary internet bandwidth, accessible hardware, and software applications needed to receive high-value  virtual care.    

Let's Work Together

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