A CDS Tool that Engages with Patients – DECIO CDS

The DECIO CDS platform gives clinicians powerful predictive analytics at the point of care. DECIO’s disease state specific modules empower patients and doctors to share ownership of protocol initiation, treatment strategy development, and outcome measurement.

Example Module:

DECIO CDS – Accountable Nephrology is a predicative analytics engine that was developed from research conducted by the Medical Technology and Practice Patterns Institute and the University of California – Davis. Clinicians at the Veteran’s Affairs New York Hospital Health System also collaborated as Nephrology domain experts. DECIO CDS – Accountable Nephrology was developed in response to the landmark “Choosing Wisely” initiative enacted by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation.

The predictive algorithms powering DECIO CDS – Accountable Nephrology were refined using patient cohorts from the US Renal Data System and claims data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Technical development of the Android application was completed by iClinical, a healthcare software company based out of San Francisco, CA.

Clinical organizations interested in deploying the DECIO CDS platform can set up a demonstration by emailing [email protected]

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